PoE 3.23 - Caustic Arrow Poison Pathfinder Leveling Guide (1 Divine)

This is a Step by Step PoE Leveling Guide to Reach Maps in ~2 Hours with a Caustic Arrow of Poison Pathfinder for ~ 1 Divine.

PoE Leveling Guide

Table of Contents

  1. Buy Items
    • Starting Items
    • Inventory Items
    • Stash Items
    • Other Items
  2. Setup
    • Chrome Items & Place Gems
    • Organize Inventory & Stash
    • Set Hotkeys
    • Item Filter
  3. Leveling


Step 1. Buy Items

Budget = 1 Divine = ~218 Chaos Orbs
Total = ~197 Chaos Orbs

1A. Starting Items

Widowhail = 10 - 15c

Corrupted Craghead equippable at Level 1 = 5 - 10c
Alternative: Buy a Serrated Arrow Quiver from the Vendor on a Level 2 Character and Equip at Level 4

Goldrim 38+ Res = 5c

Thousand Ribbons Any = 4 - 6c

Blackheart x2 = 2c

Lochtonial Caress = 2c - 5c

Seven-League Step = 15c - 20c

Darkness Enthroned Any = 2 - 5c

Abyss Jewel with INT & STR = 1 - 5c
3 INT required to equip Thousand Ribbons and Frostblink at Level 4
2 STR required to equip War Banner at Level 4
(INT) https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Affliction/8lLeoGcV
(INT + STR) https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Affliction/R3o9mBWc7
(STR) https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Affliction/MaWomYPcJ

(Optional) Abyss Jewel with DMG = 5 - 10c

(Optional) Araku Tiki = 1c & (Optional) Hatchet Master Annoint = 11 - 12c
Araku Tiki https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Affliction/MJ86hJ
Verdant https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Affliction/3qvnqrds5
Teal https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Affliction/bGyVVoauL
Crimson https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Affliction/RJWrb8Gc7


1B. Inventory Items

Tabula Rasa (+2 Duration) = 10c

Replica Karui Ward = 20 - 25c & Hatchet Master Annoint = 11 - 12c
Replica Karui Ward https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Affliction/JaZg2Macl
Verdant https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Affliction/3qvnqrds5
Teal https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Affliction/bGyVVoauL
Crimson https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Affliction/RJWrb8Gc7

Hyrri's Bite = 3 - 5c

Poisonberry Tincture = 1 c
(Any) https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Affliction/PdaPak7hL
(Better) https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Affliction/gMgGbPdTQ
Phasing or Onslaught on Kill are Great Suffixes
% increased Damage against Enemies that are on Low Life is a Great Prefix

Quicksilver Flask of Adrenaline x2 = (5 - 10c) x2 = 10 - 20c
Often cheaper to Self Roll on iLVL 5 - 15 Quicksilvers https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Affliction/YGgynV7sY
Make sure the Level Requirement is 4

Jade Flask of Anything or Evasion = 1c

Silver Flask of Anything = 1c

L12 Life Flask with Bleed Removal
L30+ Life Flask with Bleed Removal
L12 Mana Flask with Freeze Removal
L30+ Mana Flask with Freeze Removal or Anything if using Arctic Armour
Life and Mana Flasks can be bought from Random Act Vendors


1C. Stash Items

Drillneck = 1c+

Asenath's Gentle Touch = 5 - 8c

Le Heup of All = (3 - 5c) x2 = 6-10c

Prismweave = 2c

Doomfletch = 3 - 5c
(Optional) Better Roll = 20 - 50c https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Affliction/qwLjZa9Ig

1D. Other Items

(Optional) Caustic Arrow of Poison = 120 - 160c+
Not required for leveling. Normal version arguably better in story.


Step 2. Setup

2A. Chrome Items & Place Gems

---Starting Items
Sockets 4G
Links 2L

Sockets 4G
Links 4L
Gems Caustic Arrow

Thousand Ribbons
Sockets 3G1R
Links 4L
Gems Split Arrow - Momentum - Chance to Bleed - Chance to Poison

Seven-League Step
Sockets 4G
Links 4L
Gems Burning Arrow - Galvanic Arrow - Ice Shot

Lochtonial Caress
Sockets 1R1B

---Inventory Items
Tabula Rasa
Gems (Place in This Order)
Empty Socket - Mirage Archer
Chance to Poison - Vicious Projectiles
Volley - Lesser Multiple Projectiles

---Stash Items
Sockets 4G
Links 2L

Asenath's Gentle Touch
Sockets 2R1B
Links 2L
Gems Flame Dash


2B. Organize Inventory & Stash

Purchase the Following Level 1 Gems from Lily Roth

  • Herald of Agony
  • Haste
  • Blink Arrow
  • Faster Attacks
  • Mirage Archer
  • Manaforged Arrows Support
  • Manaforged Arrows Support
  • Frenzy
  • Storm Rain
  • Arctic Armour
  • War Banner
  • Cast when Damage Taken
  • Steelskin
  • Frostblink
  • Flame Dash
  • Added Chaos Damage Support

Place the Gems, Previously bought Inventory Items, and Stash Items in the Optimal Location
See Video for more information


2C. Set Hotkeys

Personal Preference here but I use
Move Only: Left Click, M4, M5, Q, E, T
Split Arrow: Right Click
No Hotkeys on the Control Bar
Tincture Slot: Hotkey 2 switched to `

2D. Item Filter
Use an Uber Strict Item Filter



Step 3. Leveling

Start Run

Level 4
Equip Quicksilvers
Place Frostblink & War Banner into Lochtonial Caress
Switch Chance to Poison for Mirage Archer in the Thousand Ribbons

Level 5
Equip Replica Karui Ward

Level 8
Place Manaforged Arrows Support into Seven-League Step
Place Manaforged Arrows Support into Goldrim

Level 10
Place Blink Arrow & Faster Attacks into Widowhail
Switch Frostblink for Flame Dash in the Lochtonial Caress

Level 12
Equip the L12 Life Flask with Bleed Removal
Equip the L12 Mana Flask with Freeze Removal

Level 14
Switch Craghead for Hyrri's Bite

Bandits: Kill All

Level 16
Place Herald of Agony into Widowhail
Add Frenzy to the Manaforged Arrows setup in the Goldrim

Northern Forest WARDEN of the MAJI Search:
Find the Warden of the Maji via Zone Resetting and Ascend
Select Coated Blades on the Warden of the Maji Passive Tree
Equip the Poisonberry Tincture and Activate It
- Wildwood Ascendancy Blocking (https://youtu.be/M5J41fplo2Y)
- Following Trails of Yellow Wisps or Monsters &
- Aggressive Zone Resetting will Speed up the Process

Level 18
Switch Thousand Ribbons for Tabula Rasa
Take the Caustic Arrow in the Goldrim and Place it in the EMTPY SOCKET of the Tabula Rasa
Take the Split Arrow in the Thousand Ribbons and place it into the Goldrim
- Caustic Arrow is now your clearing skill

Level 24
Place Haste into Widowhail (Drop Warbanner here)

Complete Docks before Solaris 2
- Find the Docks Item
- Logout and Collect Skill Points
- Stash Old Items (Craghead, Thousand Ribbons, etc.)
- CTRL + Left Click Stash Items into Inventory (Doomfletch, Drillneck, Prismweave, Asenath's Gentle Touch, Le Heup of All x2, CWDT Steelskin)

Level 24
Switch Blackheart x2 for Le Heup of All x2

Level 25
Switch Darkness Enthroned for Prismweave
Switch Lochtonial Caress for Asenath's Gentle Touch

Level 28
Switch Widowhail for Doomfletch (Make sure to swap the gems aswell)
Add Storm Rain to the Manaforged Arrows setup in the Goldrim

Normal Lab: Nature's Reprisal

Level 30
Switch the L12 Life Flask for the L30 Life Flask with Bleed Removal
Switch the L12 Mana Flask for the L30 Mana Flask with Freeze Removal

Level 36
Switch Hyrri's Bite for Drillneck

Level 38+ After Malachai
- Take a Free Greater Multiple Projectiles Support from Dialla

In the Tabula Rasa
- Switch Volley for Added Chaos Damage Support
- Switch Lesser Multiple Projectiles Support for Greater Multiple Projectiles Support

Equip CWDT & Steelskin in the 2L in the Asenath's Gentle Touch


After allocating Charisma
Remove Split Arrow & Equip Arctic Armour in the Goldrim for Freeze Immunity

Major Pantheon: Brine King
Minor Pantheon: Ryslatha


Level 48 Cruel Lab: Nature's Adrenaline
Switch a Quicksilver Flask for a Silver Flask
Switch the Mana Flask for a Jade Flask

Note: These flask swaps can be completed earlier or later, at your preference


Level 58 Merc Lab: Master Toxicist


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