PoE 3.23 - Caustic Arrow Poison Pathfinder Leveling Guide (SSF)

This is a Fresh Start SSF PoE Leveling Guide to Reach Maps in ~3 Hours with a Caustic Arrow of Poison Pathfinder.

PoE Leveling Guide

The Video Intro discusses:

  • How to Get Caustic Arrow of Poison
  • Wildwood Ascendancy Blocking
  • How to Reset for Affliction
  • When can you start leveling with Caustic Arrow
  • Defensive Investment



Regex: -[rgb]-.-|g-g-|-g-g|g-.-g|g-g|nne|rint|serrat

Desirable Colours:
2 B Sockets (Frostblink, Despair)
1 R Socket (War Banner)

Story Progression 

Start Run

Level 2: After Hillock
Caustic Arrow - Momentum Burning Arrow Level 4: After Hailrake Caustic Arrow - Pierce Puncture - Volley (Volley is Optional - Used for Clear Only) Dash Level 8: After Lower Prison & Completing Dweller Caustic Arrow - Pierce - Mirage Archer or Volley Puncture - Volley (Volley is Optional - Used for Clear Only) Burning Arrow - Manaforged Arrows Support (Optional) Frostblink War Banner Level 10: After Brutus Add Blink Arrow to the above setup Buy Withering Step to increase single target Level 12: After Reaching Cavern of Wrath and Completing Fairgraves Caustic Arrow - Pierce - Mirage Archer or Volley Toxic Rain - Mirage Archer - Chance to Poison or Momentum Blink Arrow Withering Step Frostblink War Banner NOTE: Toxic Rain Links are very Flexible Withering Step shares a cooldown with Frostblink. Prioritize Withering Step during bossfights. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A2 Level 16: After Fidelitas Add Herald of Agony Add Frenzy to a Manaforged Arrows setup (Replace Burning Arrow ideally) Optional: Purchase Skitterbots for more Damage Purchase Arctic Armour for Defence in A5 or Onward Level 18: After Weaver Free: Vicious Projectiles Bandits: Help Alira or Kill All After The Way Forward - Travel back to Act 1: Purchase: Steelskin (Optional) Northern Forest or City of Sarn TINCTURE FARM: Acquire a Poisonberry Tincture via Zone Resetting & Wildwood Ascendancy Blocking (See the video for more info) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A3 Level 24: After Tolman Purchase: Haste Free: Despair from Maramoa Optional: Buy Grace for Defence Later Solaris 2: Rare Lapis Amulet Normal Lab: Nature's Reprisal Example Setup at this Point (Colours and Link Dependent) Caustic Arrow - Chance to Poison - Volley - Vicious Projectiles Manaforged Arrows - Toxic Rain - Frenzy Blink Arrow, Withering Step Frostblink, Despair Haste, Herald of Agony War Banner (Optional) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A4 Level 38: After Malachai Free: Greater Volley --> Swap with Volley ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A5 Jade Flask ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A6 Purchase Flame Dash -- Swap with Frostblink Purchase Arcanist Brand -- To Link with Temp Chains & Despair when Whispers of Doom or +1 Curse is Acquired Purchase Temporal Chains -- To Link with Temp Chains & Despair when Whispers of Doom or +1 Curse is Acquired Purchase Arctic Armour -- If you did not do so earlier for Physical Mitigation & Freeze Immunity Major Pantheon: Brine King Minor Pantheon: Ryslatha ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A7 Cruel Lab: Master Toxicist Quartz Flask ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A8 Run Grace in The High Gardens when Completing the Yugul Quest ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A9 Free Ranger Bow ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A10 Silver Flask Free Zodiac Leather or Blood Raiment Base Merc Lab: Nature's Adrenaline

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